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Erasure - Blue Aeroplanes - Inspiral Carpets - Dead Milkmen - Mc 900 Ft Jesus With Dj Zero - Jesus And Mary Chain - Depeche Mode

Star - ...And Stones (Club Mix) - Joe - Methodist Coloring Book - Truth Is Out Of Style - Her Way Of Praying - Policy Of Truth

Erasure hq videoclip «Star» - Blue Aeroplanes hq videoclip «...And Stones (Club Mix)» - Inspiral Carpets hq videoclip «Joe» - Dead Milkmen hq videoclip «Methodist Coloring Book» - Mc 900 Ft Jesus With Dj Zero hq videoclip «Truth Is Out Of Style» - Jesus And Mary Chain hq videoclip «Her Way Of Praying» - Depeche Mode hq videoclip «Policy Of Truth»

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Erasure HQ Videoclip «Star»
Blue Aeroplanes HQ Videoclip «...And Stones (Club Mix)»
video clip ...And Stones (Club Mix)
artist/group Blue Aeroplanes
dvd-albumRock America June 1990
Inspiral Carpets HQ Videoclip «Joe»
video clip Joe
artist/group Inspiral Carpets
dvd-albumRock America June 1990
Dead Milkmen HQ Videoclip «Methodist Coloring Book»
video clip Methodist Coloring Book
artist/group Dead Milkmen
dvd-albumRock America June 1990
Mc 900 Ft Jesus With Dj Zero HQ Videoclip «Truth Is Out Of Style»
video clip Truth Is Out Of Style
artist/group Mc 900 Ft Jesus With Dj Zero
dvd-albumRock America June 1990
Jesus And Mary Chain HQ Videoclip «Her Way Of Praying»
video clip Her Way Of Praying
artist/group Jesus And Mary Chain
dvd-albumRock America June 1990
Depeche Mode HQ Videoclip «Policy Of Truth»
video clip Policy Of Truth
artist/group Depeche Mode
dvd-albumRock America June 1990
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